Game Media Kit

Role Creative UI/UX Designer
Team Web Marketing Team
Company Confidential

The company thought of allowing users to download different kinds of assets such as artworks, screenshots, character images, game logo and more. They thought it would take so much work to develop a webpage for each game like what they previously before (creating mini game websites for each game).

Game Media Kit Website

I was able to design a template that would only change its content and color theme depending on what game is feature on the page. With that, they also want to be able to search and sort games based on their genre and platform. The tools used for this project was Photoshop.

Game Advertising CMS

I collaborated with the developer who was also handling this project for us to be able to conceptualize the possible design solutions. The biggest challenge in this project was for the webpage to be responsive to different screen sizes while catering to all kinds of asset sizes but still unifying everything to make every page the same.

Game Advertising CMS

Aside from that, the company wanted their own Content Management System (CMS) for their marketing and advertising managers that is easy to understand despite the load of information that they are putting in this CMS. They can upload and download case studies and mock ups that they use for their nature of work.

Game Advertising CMS